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Lauren and Caitlin


The Tri-Annual Sketch Competition is proudly Canadian.

Entries: All submissions to be sent to via (free and easy to send up to 2GB) to be posted on the Toronto Sketch Comedy YouTube channel. With your entry, please include:

    • A description & credits. This is what people will see as the description on YouTube. (if you include credits on your video, keep in mind there will be an end screen during the last 10sec of your video linking to other contestants)

    • A thumbnail! make your video stand out in the batch and provide us with the thumbnail you'd like us to use

    • (optional) Your socials! We will link out to any of your social medias in the video description if you let us know what they are

    • (optional) A trailer! This will help your chances. We ask entrants to provide a short trailer of their sketches that we will post and pump to get you votes!

    • Submissions MUST be videos created/published since April, 2021 (feel free to reach out if you're uncertain if your video qualifies, some exceptions may apply)

Prize: $500 Cash Prize to 1st Place (Finalists based on “# of Likes”, Thumbs up=Likes)

Additional Prizes to be announced!

    • The Top 10 Finalists will be based on the “# of Likes” on the YouTube videos that are hosted on the Toronto Sketch Comedy YouTube Channel. So make sure you share!

    • Once the Top 10 are determined, a panel of Toronto Sketch Comedian judges from across the city will weigh in to determine the ultimate winner (Judge's votes will be consolidated) Check out our IG for the list of judges.

    • Also we are here to help! We will share your stuff on Facebook or IG if you tag us.


    • Sept 1: Voting ends at midnight

    • Sept 15 @8pm: Winner announced IN PERSON on main stage Comedy Bar

    • Sept 16: TSC’s 3rd Tri-Annual Sketch Competition officially BEGINS.

Check out all of the entries so far below!